2kg Recovery Magnesium Bath Flakes


2kg Recovery Magnesium Bath Flakes
The Recovery Range
(Magnesium infused with Menthol & Wintergreen)

This range includes very low percentages of wintergreen and menthol which act as a natural anti inflammatory. Perfect for muscle and joint recovery.

The Magnesium works to actually fix the ailment, the menthol and wintergreen will provide a cooling sensation and provide faster (more powerful) pain relief, though their benefit is more temporary than the Magnesium itself.

Children or those whom are pregnant or trying to become pregnant should check with doctors before using. Also, if someone is allergic to aspirin or on blood thinners they should stick to the normal range due to the minor blood thinning properties,

The Recovery Range is best for;
(Use daily for the best results)

Muscle recovery
Sprains, strains, tears
Joint pain
Cramping from over-exercising

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