The Stresses of early motherhood.

Lee Harold

As mothers we worry - that’s a given…

We worry if our baby is crying all the time, not eating properly, not sleeping and even when they are quiet, we still worry if everything is ok.

But, at what point do we take a minute to worry about ourselves?
New mothers usually feel stressed, tired, exhausted, deprived from real food (due to lack of time) and sometimes even down right depressed!

So, what about us?
How can we possibly provide the best love and care if we are lacking the basic ingredients to a functioning mind, body and soul?

Did you know that when you stress you burn Magnesium? When you participate in physical activity (even the simple; lift bub up, put bub down) you use Magnesium... Even when there is a loud noise (screaming baby) you burn Magnesium and lastly, when you cry you burn Magnesium. Can you imagine how much Magnesium you burn during labour?

Research has actually shown that the imbalance of hormones and stress levels associated with Post Natal Depression can sometimes be due to a Magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is SUCH an important mineral during pregnancy. It helps to regulate your body’s functions (actually, 1200 out of the 1600) such as; temperature, nerve and muscle function and also hormonal levels. If you are already low in Magnesium whilst pregnant or even before, you can imagine how your body would be coping after the stress of labour. The imbalance of hormones, the tiredness and a cute little newborn you just want to love, but is crying and screaming. All of this can make you overwhelmed and emotional (to say the least). If you are low in this essential mineral it can often times create a downward spiral of emotions and an unstable nervous system, lack of energy and even could cause a Magnesium deficient bub.

I really wish I knew about Magnesium oil when I went through all of this 20 years ago. I was given Magnesium tablets and Vitamin B shots. This helped my energy levels slightly due to Vit. B, the Magnesium tablets just gave me a laxative effect due to taking orally (exactly what you want to happen during this sensitive time, not).

If I had Magnesium oil back then, I would have slept better, had more energy in the day, my hormone levels may have balanced and stopped me from crying and feeling anxious, I may not have had to go through Post Natal Depression. I may have even smiled!
Since learning about Amazing Oils Magnesium, I have quite literally chased pregnant women down the street who are about to pop, pushing a pram and at the same time as holding their back, just to give them a sample of this product because I knew how much they would appreciate a little bit of pain relief and relaxation.

We have even had the Midwives of multiple Hospitals contact their local Chemist to ask if they could stock our products because they know how much every pregnant woman needs it.

I would personally recommend soaking (or foot soaking) in the Magnesium Flakes bath 2-3 times a week (or whenever possible, even with bub to!) as well using the Gel Roll-On daily over the chest for energy and on any sore, tight muscles.

Anniesha, Amazing Oils Customer Service Representative

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