The sting thing

Lee Harold

The ‘Sting Thing’ refers to the not uncommon experience of an itching, tingling or stinging sensation when applying Amazing Oils directly to your skin. Yes, this can certainly be uncomfortable when it happens, so what does it mean and what can you do about it?

The Sting Thing is a indication that you may be magnesium deficient (and that the product is working to remedy this). The stinging or itching occurs when the magnesium encounters a build-up of toxins or heavy metals in the cells. You need to keep in mind that the magnesium is important to your health and well-being.

Not this sort of sting.The good news is that Amazing Oils will raise your magnesium levels quickly, which means after just a few days of regular use you may no longer have any reaction. You can also try applying it to a part of the body which is less sensitive like the tops of your feet, knowing that the magnesium will not only help you to sleep, but will travel to wherever it is most needed in the body. In the meantime you can use the Amazing Oils with a little coconut oil which will completely stop the reaction without affecting your magnesium uptake.

Most moisturisers will do the same thing when used together with the magnesium. Another alternative is to avoid using the magnesium straight after a shower or bath, because your pores will be wide open and the magnesium will go in through the follicle. Its the same with using it when you have just shaved (legs, underarms or in my case, beard.) I use it after shaving and it stings like crazy…but only for a few seconds. It’s wonderful for any tiny cuts or nicks and helps them to heal much faster.

Another gentle option is to use the Amazing Oils  Magnesium Bathflakes for a few days before going on to the spray. We recommend starting gently with the sprays, maybe just one or two on the tops of your feet at night for the first few days, and then applying directly to the area of pain or discomfort. If you are also using pharmaceutical drugs then they may be draining your body of magnesium and can cause a deficiency, as can calcium supplements, more than 4 coffees a day, or more than three alcoholic drinks. Athletes, weight-lifters and fitness junkies may need a lot more magnesium than other people.









 If you would like to go a bit deeper with this-there is a new blog on the effects of magnesium/calcium on injuries.





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