Are you still using Magnesium tablets/pills/powders? Up to 96% wasted!

Lee Harold

As a Yoga instructor I used (and recommended) oral magnesium powder to all my students. Even 30 years ago I knew how amazing magnesium was for both mind and body. It was only when I read of research studies which claimed that not only was oral magnesium a problem for many digestive systems, but certain types were not effectively absorbed. In fact up to 96% can be wasted in the stomach acids! Click here for the medical facts about this.

              "Would you buy something whereby you lose 96% of the product?"

The same medical studies indicate the effectiveness of magnesium chloride, especially when used trans-dermally (on the skin) to completely bypass your digestive system and get the magnesium directly into the cells where it is most needed. (

Additionally, magnesium on the skin provides many other remarkable health benefits. Any aches and pains can disappear within a few moments after application. Sleeping is dramatically improved and a gentle detox of the cells also happens, so skin blemishes also disappear. One of the most popular uses currently is using Amazing Oils on the tops of kids/infants feet to help them go to sleep easily.

So yes, magnesium is best absorbed through the skin, in terms of bio-availability. This way, you get the results in a few seconds. I have noticed that, for some, as soon as the problem goes away - then so does using the Amazing Oils. For overall well-being, free of migraines and headaches, keep it next to your toothbrush and USE it before bed, on the tops of your feet! :)

Can you use too much? How much is enough? You do not need a doctor to tell you, in fact, blood tests are highly inaccurate. Here is a link to knowing how much you actually need.


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