Magnesium for sports, it isn't cheating (but it just might feel like it.)

Lee Harold

                             Grace from Amazing Oils with Max (The Body) Philisaire.

Athletes and gym enthusiasts are far more likely than most to be magnesium deficient. Magnesium is both burned up and sweated out at a rapid rate during exercise. Oxygen uptake depends on Magnesium, which is also crucial for energy metabolism through the activation of enzymes (known as ATPases), needed to generate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the energy within the cells of the body. Medical studies show that Magnesium has a significant effect on performance.

Athletes burn it up at such a rate during exercise that the cramping most commonly seen with distance runners and pro sportsmen and women can be said to be a direct result of magnesium deficiency. Studies also show that using Amazing Oils before a workout gives a 20% endurance boost and prevents DOMS. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.)

Magnesium has a unique and essential function during exercise and physical activity as follows...

Your muscles need to burn fuel to function well when under duress or exertion from sports, without magnesium to bind to that fuel it simply can't be used by the muscles.

Eat as many bananas or as much pasta as you like in preparation for your sporting activity, BUT if you're Magnesium deficient, the fuel these carb heavy foods produce so efficiently just will not get utilised.

We also know from other studies that taking oral magnesium supplements is significantly less effective at getting the magnesium into your system than taking it  transdermally (via the skin.) That's why at Amazing Oils we don't do Magnesium tablets, (even though we could,) but instead provide effective transdermal (topical) options which can help to stop cramping and pain within seconds. More detail on this is covered in the NCBI study here.

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