The top 5 people who you give your Amazing Oils Magnesium to.

Lee Harold

1. The one who can't sleep - that friend who calls you too late, just for a chat, or appears as if they just crawled through the bush on their knees every morning.
You'll next see them: well it could be a while as they fall in love with their beds again and spend a lot of time catching up with their pillows.

2. The one with the dodgy 'whatevers' - they struggle to walk anywhere for long, often limp and make 'dad noises' every time they stand up due to their 'bad knees'.
You'll next see them: on a bicycle waving at you and saying irritating things like 'it's a lovely day, why aren't you out in the sunshine?'

3. The one with the kids who are up all night, they love their kids but they just can't get them to have a full nights sleep no matter what rewards are offered. They'll give you a great big hug after the first time they rub it on their kids feet before bed just once.
You'll next see them: on the Amazing Oils Facebook page (and the nursery, playgroups, street corners) being evangelical about our amazing product and insisting that their friends try it.

4. The one you call Disco Dave because he's twitchy and fidgety and his legs just can't stop dancing, even and especially in bed.
You'll next see him: lying down somewhere, just not moving, for ages with a big smile.

5. The one who needed to chill out and calm down who whilst staying at your place had a bath with some of your magnesium bath flakes and you ended up having to bang on the bathroom door trying to get your bathroom back.
You'll next see them: where you would normally see them but good heavens they'll be clean!

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