How much Magnesium do you need?

Lee Harold


How much is too much? What is not enough? Many of you are asking about testing your Magnesium levels. Normal blood tests are totally ineffective due to the amount of Magnesium in your blood being generally less than 1%. Add to this the fact that your levels (in the blood) can go up and down dramatically within an hour. There are certain tests such as hair analysis and red blood cell RBC testing which will give a clear reading of your previous Magnesium levels.

Overall though, we feel its best to use common sense and your own symptomatic gauge. By that I mean (and this is what we do here at Amazing Oils) keep an awareness of any symptoms that point to a deficiency in your Magnesium levels. Again, these symptoms can change from day to day, but it will give you a sense of what works for you and additionally will provide you with an increased awareness of your own body and mind. Do remember that it is almost impossible to overdose through the skin (although I will write about that rare possibility of Hyper-magnesia later.) Basically, your main flags for Magnesium deficiency will be: Cramps, Twitching, Anxiety, Aches and Pains, Headaches, Insomnia, Fatigue, Arrhythmia, Hyperactivity and Restlessness. If any of these are noticeable then increase the dose, if not, then use less. I bathe in the magnesium flakes 3 times a week which keeps my body well topped-up. If I bathe less then I use the spray on my feet at night.

I know, it seems like almost everything is Magnesium related. It sorta is. One great aspect of using the Amazing Oils is that you do not have to wait for weeks to see if it fixes any of the above problems. You can rub some into your skin and know the answer within a few seconds, or at most, a few minutes. If the symptom persists then at least you will know that it is not a simple dropping of your Magnesium levels and that it might be time to visit the doc. Be aware too, that every single prescription drug drains your Magnesium levels. So does coffee, sugar, alcohol and exercise. I am not trying to be a killjoy, but if you do overindulge now and again, be aware and give yourself extra Magnesium to counteract the effects and raise your Magnesium levels again.

As you probably know, oral supplementation is highly inefficient when compared to trans-dermal (topical) application.



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