It's Friday and I feel the love...

Lee Harold

A quiet workplace at the moment because everyone's gone off to the World Iron Man Championships (for which Amazing Oils are major sponsors). Feeling a little lonely I had a look through the recent archives and came away feeling a lot of love.

It's perhaps the most rewarding thing we've learned through the last few years as the Amazing product has developed and become more popular. We get to help people. Sometimes people who have spent a lot of time and money on getting a poor result for their condition and Amazing Oils has worked for them. Instantly.

Here are a few amazing moments from the last few days, you can see them online on our Facebook page.

I can't tell you how much I like this picture of this little bloke....

Erin Hodge


"After only a few nights free of leg cramps and nightmares, even my 4 yr old knows the before-bed routine!

He gets to the spray quicker than I can!"

Alissa could get an award for the most diverse usage, except I actually win that category. Always. (Don't ask.)


Alissa Skimbirauskas (We love ya!)

"Couldn't live without mine...I used it for muscular aches & pains, arthritis, bursitis, energy, restful sleep, detoxing and alkalising, headaches, cramps, pre & post workout, pre & post salsa💃🏼 and I'm currently using it on my chest to help with a cough/cold plus I use the magnesium moisturiser on my face and backs of hands for smoothing wrinkles, lightening sun spots and hydration ☺️ I LOVE my Amazing Oils Magnesium products!!"

Cassy Farrell

Cassy's comments are typical of a first use response and it always gives us a lift when we hear these things.

'I have been using it mainly when I feel any muscle pain or tightness...will do so daily from now on! Also using on tops of my feet every night to sleep. (that works a treat)! Great product'

We know how migraines and headaches impact on people's daily lives, robbing them of precious time and experiences. It's always satisfying to hear that someone like Annie had a result and her migraines have gone, hopefully for good.

Annie Naselli

"52 years of age and a sufferer of migraines since the age of 4. I dread to think of the amount of medications I have consumed over the years to no avail. Your product has literally changed my life. Applying daily to neck and base of skull. Amazing. So very grateful. Thank you"

It's people like Sue below who have helped spread the word about Amazing Oils, this is why we often encourage people to buy bigger bottles and save money, because we find many people give theirs away to friends. This is like a double reward for us, helping people help other people....bonus!

Sue Wessling

“I have been using your Magnesium Oil for a few years now and could not go without it, as the magnesium powder I used to use did not work and quite frankly, it tasted awful...
I have recommended your products to many people, all of whom are now using them as well...with great results"


Catherine Suelo

We have to hand it to Catherine for taking care of her grandmother so well and with our products too, you go girl!

'It really does wonders for my grandma's energies. It also helps her get a good night's sleep. We do it by spraying it to the back of her knees and feet.'

Ruth Karen

We especially love hearing from people like Ruth who have been using tablet / oral supplements. It just isn't anywhere near as effective as topical sprays and our products. Throw the tablets away or save them for when you're constipated as that's what they're good for.

“Feeling astounded. After a little research and recommendations I have tried magnesium oil spray. I used to take magnesium tablets, but this morning I am really searching for the pain!!!!!
After 15 months of shoulder pain from tendonitis and and ankle that nothing else works on. ..I'm amazed.”


Trish had a typically quick response although usually it works instantly.

Trish Pruish

“Received my packages they are brilliant. Two days of the spray and my leg cramps are no more and sore spots are diminishing and absolutely love the face cream”

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to write to us, I read the comments every day. We all do, and read them out to each other to cheer us up about the fact we are not at the beach. Actually, everyone but me IS down there right now, watching all those fit bodies..and hopefully offering them our new sports range to stop their cramping.

Hmm, the place doesn't feel so empty any more, I should do this more often, read through all your posts again, it feels, well.....AMAZING!



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