Why are most of us Magnesium deficient?

Lee Harold

Those who know the role of magnesium in the body call it The Master Mineral, it's necessary for over 300 bodily functions, all of them important at a fundamental level. Because magnesium is necessary for so many things to keep going right in your body, it's absence shows itself in a wide range of symptoms.

However those who know about The Master Mineral also know that up 70% of
people are magnesium deficient, so why is that?

Its not trendy.

Magnesium is not really a fashionable topic among the healthy living/natural health community who's focus seems to be on antioxidants and vitamins and whatever fad is in the headlines at the moment.

But the bottom line is that no matter what other supplements or vitamins you've been persuaded to take, without magnesium none of them can work, it's that simple.

The food chain is compromised.

The other important factor contributing to the widespread magnesium deficiency in the population is largely down to our modern diet not having enough magnesium in it. 

Even if you're committed to healthy eating plan and take your diet very seriously, you alone cannot replace the topsoil on our farms that has been depleted nor change the processing of our foods that has resulted in minimizing or even completely removing organic magnesium from our diets.

Yet that is what would be required to regain sufficient natural dietary sources of magnesium and that just isn't going to happen right?

So, supplementation is necessary, even if you don't have any deficiency symptoms.

Including magnesium into your daily health routine is simply one of the best health choices you can make, sure you can run a car without good oil for quite a long time, but eventually it will seize up or start to go wrong. The same is true with magnesium.

As always with our blog posts we have to state that we are not talking about oral magnesium supplements (tablets and powders) as they just don't work. See this article for more about why oral magnesium supplements don't work.

If you have tried oral magnesium tablets and didn't get any benefit, you shouldn't give up on magnesium, you should be taking it correctly and that is topically. (Via the skin).

The good news about magnesium supplementation is that it's very reasonable, Our 2 X 250 ml bottle saver package will last an individual 6 months or less than the cost of one latte every ten days. (OK it doesn't taste as good as a latte, but you don't ingest it so y'know)


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