Joint pain and Magnesium, a tale from the road.

Lee Harold

Yes, Amazing Oils has become bigger than Ben Hur, and we are exporting this Australian product worldwide. Yes, we are now in pharmacies everywhere but I am simply LOVING doing the markets! We started AO with a stall at Eumundi and I would never have thought of myself as a ‘barrow boy’ and yet it is STILL so rewarding to see all these good folk feeling BETTER in just a few seconds.

My family compare me to the Greek father in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ who wants to spray everyone with Windex.

I do admit I am getting a little Messianic with the MagOil, but is is simply amazing even to me!

It seems like most of the more dramatic successes we are having are with people suffering from severe joint or bone pain, fibromyalgia, and people that that have already tried everything else on the market and almost given up hope of any relief from their suffering.

Today an older guy came in with hands severely gnarled up. His hands looked so bad that, to be honest, even I felt a little dubious.
Still, I rubbed the MagOil into his fingers and told him to ‘go for a walk and if you don’t notice any changes….’ and I dropped my voice confidentially..’just keep it quiet that we ever tried.’

He chuckled and walked on. It was only ten minutes later that his wife dragged him back to the Amazing Oils stall. She had tears in her eyes as she held up her husbands hand…
‘He hasn’t been able to hold my hand in five years!’ she exclaimed, and sure enough, his fingers had unfolded.

Give me a big bottle’ she said, ‘I’m getting him home as fast as I can!’


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Joint Pain and Magnesium, a Tale from the Road.


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