Unprecedented demand greets the Ugly Bits Stick

Lee Harold


Well, we were NOT expecting that.

After the official launch on April 1st this year the entire company has run out twice, yes – whoops.
Who would’ve thought that such a discovery called ‘ugly bits stick’ could become such an overnight sensation. We are incredibly grateful for the support and for experimenting with us.

For those of who who don’t know, the name actually came about from our Founder, Lee.
Someone who quite literally tells it like it is… He received a call from an excited GP (friend of the family) who questioned if he knew that the Amazing Oils Magnesium spray was taking off skin tags and seborrheic keratosis (mole/wart type appearance). It had taken about 8 weeks.

What is it?

From this new information, the research and development team started their testing.
During the testing, we found the magnesium solution in a stronger concentrate but only in parts of the desert untouched by rain for at least a further three years.
This intensive evaporation process causes a concentrate, but one which is ‘unstable’ due to its hygroscopic properties. This makes it about three years older (and more concentrated) than the normal Magnesium spray and of course, faster acting.

What do I do with it?
For those wanting to attack an ingrown hair, blemish, a Mount Vesuvius brewing beneath the surface or even an army of blackheads, this is your new magic wand. Reports we have been receiving detail results anywhere between 24 to 72 hours to not just make a difference but to completely clear (faint). Apply at least 3 times a day (especially after cleansing).

Next on the hit list are skin tags and seborrheic keratosis (actually a type of wart, though appears darker like a mole and sits quite pronounced on the skin). So far reports are indicating anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months. It depends on the size and age of your spot and your Magnesium levels. Again, best results are coming from using often, even 4-6 times daily (keep in in your bag and every time you visit the bathroom you should top up).

Last but not least sun spots, age spots and, well, the unknowns… These seem like the hardest to budge, with most people reporting that their spots have dramatically lightened in 2-3 weeks, however not removed them completely – stick with it though, pardon the pun – you’re seeing progress so keep it up.

How does it work?
Good question! We asked our biochemist the same thing…
Turns out it literally speeds up the skins detoxification process in an isolated manner.
Normally it takes about 28 days for human skin to renew itself, the Ugly Bits Stick can increase this quite dramatically, pulling out nasties from underneath the skin like we’ve never seen before. To apply you just unscrew the lid and roll the little roller ball over(and around) the spot you would like to treat.

I want to try it for myself!
It’s pretty exciting, we agree…
Buy yours now from the link below. 


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