Magnesium and Hyperactive Kids

Lee Harold

Calm and focused kids without fundamentally altering their personalities?

One of the leading advocates for magnesium supplementation for adults, Dr Carolyn Dean (MD, ND, medical director of the Nutritional Magnesium Association.) is an enthusiastic proponent of it’s use with children, she states;

“Beyond bones, magnesium supports muscle and nerve function. It (magnesium supplementation)  also can improve kids’ sleep, mood, and regularity

Low magnesium levels have been linked to ADHD and hyperactivity and it’s no surprise that enlightened professionals who understand the science behind the magnesium /calcium balance are turning to magnesium supplementation first before trying powerful mood altering drugs with horrendous side effects to address these issues.

Don’t your kids deserve at least the option of a natural, less intrusive and side effect free treatment that doesn’t fundamentally change their personalities? 
Of course unenlightened professionals aren’t even trying with this and remain happy to simply write a script for whatever the flavour of the month mood altering brand is being promoted to them or that they are directly incentivised or encouraged to prescribe by GMO’s or big pharma companies. Dr’s are people too and they are just as likely to be influenced by powerfully target marketing as any of us.

Transdermal magnesium is as safe for kids as it is for adults, it’s essential for over 300 bodily functions so you’re not adding anything doesn’t want or know what to do with, it’s a very natural remedy.

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