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Sourced from Ancient Pristine Desert Lakes

Nothing Added - Completely Natural

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The Only Organically Certified Magnesium in the World

100% Natural

100% Australian

100% Effective

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100% Natural Organic Magnesium Spray

It Actually Works!


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The Missing Link in Your Natural Health

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Magnesium Oil, it works in 30 seconds…

Lauren. Sydney. Chronic Post-op Pain

James from Sydney at the MBS Expo, July 2014

Why Should I Care?

  • Why Should I Care?

    Magnesium is important for overall health

    Can help with over-worrying

    Slows down Aging Process

    All  dis-ease causes Magnesium Deficiency

    Aids Muscle Function
    Stops Twitching
    Prevents Constipation

What Does it Do? How Much?

  • Seriously?

    Helps with Your Pain Relief

    Stops Restless Legs and Cramps

    Promotes Restful Sleep

    Improves Overall Health

    Aids Youthfulness

    Helps make your DNA

    Helps Balance Cholesterol

    Stops Pain from Over-Exercising

    Costs from $20

But I Already Take Tablets

  • Tablets v Transdermal

    A good start!

    Up to 90% Oral Magnesium is not absorbed

    Magnesium is not beneficial for your digestive system

    What can take four years with tablets...Can take less than a month trans-dermally.

Magnesium Oil

OK already!  So where do I get hold of it?

Amazing Oils Organically Certified Magnesium Oil is available in leading Pharmacies and Health Food Shops.

However, if you want it NOW, you can order it online here from $20 and have it express posted to your door.


( TGA) Therapeutic Goods Association no:L224207

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